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The Thirsty Fork Founders Club

Friends. Family. Joy. These are the reasons we love to share meals together, to come together at the table, and eat food that transports us to other times and places, back to our roots or across the world.

At The Thirsty Fork, we created an exclusive, private dining experience for our most valued supporters as a way to share in the celebration of our establishment as a community eatery, and to enjoy the fruits of our kitchen this year, and in the many years to come. This group will be known as The Founders Club.

The Founders Club will join together as a family monthly, to share artfully crafted multi-course meals, taste new, seasonal dishes for the restaurant menu and sample small batch beer releases from our partners Oak Park Brewing Company. Joining the club—accepting membership during The Thirsty Fork’s opening year—supports local enterprise, thoughtful food policies, and great beer.  Most importantly it ensures that your true friends and chosen family will continue gather around a joyful table filled with food, wine, and beer for years to come.


The Founders Club is only accepting members during the first year of The Thirsty Fork’s opening. Membership is non-transferrable, and renewable for life.

- A Six Month membership includes 6 monthly dinners for $300 a person.

- A One Year membership includes 12 monthly dinners for $500 a person.

Each Founder receives:

- 2 tickets to attend any Gastro Club dinner (See below for Gastro Club details).

- A welcome basket with a special surprise prepared by Chef Chris Davis-Murai delivered to their front door.

- While available, 10% off shares by investing $5,000 or more in The Thirsty Fork.


- Founders Club dinners will be held once per month at a date and time decided by a majority of Club members.

- Each dinner will be 3 or more courses, and feature tastings of new menu items being previewed for the restaurant, with beer pairings from local breweries and wine included.

- The ingredients will be seasonal, locally sourced and organic whenever possible, from the same Farmers Markets many of us shop at regularly.

- Founders will RSVP to each dinner online three days or more in advance for the Chef to prepare accordingly.

- Please discuss dietary restrictions privately with the Chef in advance of each dinner.

- Founders may bring guests if space is available at $50/person if requested at least three days in advance.

- Any missed Founders dinner grants two tickets per Founder to a Gastro Club dinner, fully transferable, as long as Gastro Club dinners are held.

Gastro Club

- Gastro Club dinners are informal, family-style gatherings with simple menus featuring regional wines and local brewery beers, held once a month for for $30/person

- Founders Club members enjoy pre-sale access and discounted $20/person tickets to attend Gastro Club dinners.

Join the Founders Club now.

You may pay in person with cash or check by calling Founders Club organizer Dan Fisher at 415-754-3474, or use the Paypal or Bitcoin buttons below. (This is set up as a Paypal donation to Dan Fisher care of The Thirsty Fork until The Thirsty Fork Paypal account is verified).

Pay with Paypal


1 Person, 1 Year $500.00 USD

2 People, 1 Year $1,000.00 USD

1 Person, 6 Months $300.00 USD

2 People, 6 Months $600.00 USD

Pay with Bitcoin

Six Month Membership, $300/person *Adjust quantity for each additional person

One Year Membership, $500/person *Adjust quantity for each additional person